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New dance piece in progress

Kyrie Oda is currently researching and developing a new piece for two dancers from Regionteater Väst in Borås, Sweden.

Inspiration is drawn from the book 'Markings' by Dag Hammarskjöld, the previous General Secretary of The United Nations.

A showing of work-in-progress will take place on the 20th of May in Borås. Please contact us if you would like to attend.

Here is one quote Kyrie is working around:

"To have humility is to experience reality, not in relation to ourselves, but in its sacred independence. It is to see, judge, and act from the point of rest in ourselves. Then how much disappears, and all that remains falls into place. In the point of rest at the center of our being, we encounter a world where all things are at rest in the same way. Then a tree becomes a mystery, a cloud a revelation , each man a cosmos of whose riches we can only catch glimpses. The life of simplicity is simple, but it opens to us a book in which whenever get beyond the first syllable."

Pictured: Dancer Johan Forsberg

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